AIC22: Multiply Recap

The Alpha Ireland Conference, AIC22: Multiply, took place in St Catherine’s Church, Dublin 8 on Saturday 24th September 2022. Over 200 guests took part in our first major in-person gathering since COVID restrictions were lifted. They came from all across the island, including some friends who joined us from Northern Ireland.

The day was focused on the theme “Multiply” – how we as Christians can better go and live out Christ’s Great Commission. The main talks were each delivered by our Hub Church leaders in Ireland and looked at the big questions the wider church faces right now -How to Envision a Church for Mission, Building a Culture of Prayer and Serving the Wider Community with the Alpha Suite of Resources. There was also a dynamic Alpha Youth Panel, led by the inimitable Dez Johnston.  

The keynote was a challenging but brilliant input from Franciscan Friar of the Renewal Fr Columba Jordan, who encouraged the audience to take risks as they sought to Make Jesus’ Last Command Our First Priority. The highlight of the day was powerful prayer ministry and incredible worship led by St Catherine’s Church’s Worship Team.  

Alpha Ireland was also able to share their dream at the conference – how we believe that Ireland can play its part as we move towards 2033. It was a powerful day that has laid the foundations for moving forward in Ireland, as we seek to invite 1,000,000 Irish people to come closer to Christ through Alpha in the coming decade. 

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